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Breast Milk Pump

Lactation Support

Our certified lactation counselor (CLC) can help facilitate success with breastfeed for ease on the baby and the mother during this unique bonding experience. Breastfeeding a child can come with many challenges and unknowns; at Mini Mitten Pediatric Therapy, we want to assure every mother has the support, knowledge, and resources needed to accomplish the individual feeding goals she has for her and her baby. Our CLC can assist the baby and mother duo with an effective and efficient latch, successful and comfortable positioning, education on nursing and/or pumping duration and frequency, and overall guidelines for a positive and successful feeding experience.


  • Poor weight gain / growth

  • Failure to thrive

  • Unable / poor latch

  • Inconsolable / fussy during nursing

  • Tongue / lip tie

  • Loss of milk during nursing 

  • Excessive gas / spit-up

  • “Clicking” or munching during nursing

  • Gagging / choking / coughing during nursing


  • Feeling excessive stress associated with breastfeeding

  • Pain during breastfeeding

  • Red or cracked nipples

  • Low milk supply

  • Overproduction of milk

  • Frequent engorgement

  • Clogged milk duct

Signs that may indicate benefiting from a referral to our CLC services:

Additionally, our certified lactation counselor (CLC) may assist with the mother’s overall breast health, including providing ultrasound treatment and education for a clogged milk duct. A clogged milk duct occurs when breastmilk remains stagnant for a period of time, becomes blocked, and prevents the milk from transferring through the breast duct. A clogged milk duct is diagnosed by a physician or midwife, can be painful, and may lead to other complications. If a mother believes she may have a clogged milk duct she is encouraged to reach out to her healthcare provider and discuss a referral for services. 

Mother Baby Bonding
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