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I started reaching out to the most amazing individuals I knew. People whose passion and motivation to help others was evident from miles away. Those who go above and beyond every chance possible because they care about these kiddos as if they were their own. Luckily for me, they shared my dreams.

Dreams of creating a fun and loving environment for children with all abilities. A place where families can turn to when in need, to feel welcomed, supported, and encouraged. Dreams of becoming part of these families and the household name for helping kids meet their fullest potential. Dreams of assuring that the kids in our community are living the fullest life possible.

And with our powers combined we will continually thrive to make these dreams come true. Because our dreams are fueled by the dreams of the mothers, fathers, foster parents, adoptive parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, and friends of each patient that we serve.

Thank you for being part of our story.


The Story of Mini Mitten

In 2005, on Superbowl Sunday, I was involved in a serious car accident that changed the course of my life forever. Following a long road to recovery (physically, cognitively, and emotionally), and witnessing firsthand the positive and valuable impact that a therapist can have on a young life, I was inspired to change my college major from Early Childhood Education to Occupational Therapy. I knew I wanted to change lives – the way mine was.

Although the dream of owning my own practice was always in the back of my mind, for the first decade of my career I worked alongside great teams within large healthcare systems. Although people care, it is easy to get lost in the hustle of a large company. It is challenging to focus on the little things that make the biggest impact. I watched patients being turned into numbers; waitlists for services growing to exceed six, nine, even 12 months; busy families driving two hours per day for quality services. I heard the struggles of caregivers as they felt the heartache of not having access to the adequate support and valuable resources for their children that they so deeply deserved. As I continued to feel helpless and heartbroken, I knew I needed to make a change to have a bigger impact on these children, their families, and this community.

At that moment, in December of 2020, Mini Mitten Pediatric Therapy was created.

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