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Casey is the true epitome of what every Occupational Therapist should be. She took the time to get to know our son---his quirks, his strengths, his weaknesses. Casey is patient and understanding. She is a wonderful teacher and takes as much time as needed to explain things in a way that are easy to understand. Casey is constantly willing to learn new therapeutic approaches and figure out a way to implement them that best supports our son’s needs. Since beginning OT sessions with Casey, we have been able to take the tools that she teaches us each week during therapy sessions, and work with our son at home. Because of this, he has hit milestones that medical professionals never said he would. Our son continues to fight, he continues to live a fulfilled and happy life, and we have Casey to thank for that. 

Lauryn, Parker's Mom

Test 1

We cannot sing enough praise, or possibly put into words, how life changing it has been having Dr. Bross by our side on this journey. She is without a doubt a game changer in our son's progress. Without her expertise, our son (and even us as a family,) would not have as much improvement in our lives. She is undoubtedly the best in her field and we are so very lucky to have access to her in our community.

Emily, Cole's Mom

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Luke wanted to send Mr. Derrick “Thank you Mr. Derrick and I have big muscles now”
Thank you Derrick for working with Luke on his motor skills, building his interests into his therapy and also boosting his confidence. You are an awesome therapist!

Lindsey, Luke's Mom

Maria, Patient

Rachel was patient and dedicated. My re-cooperation got better because of the love she gave me. It was greatly appreciated. 

We were so fortunate to have Casey Bross for our daughters occupational therapist. Our daughter is on the Autism Spectrum and is diagnosed non verbal. Casey not only crushed goals for Claire , she also showed us exactly what Claire was made of!! Some things we never thought would happen, starting happening right before our eyes. She helped teach us on how to bring her work home with us that she worked on with Claire in the center.. That way we were able to continue to work with Claire at home in between sessions and feel confident about it. Honestly I could go on forever. Casey  will always have a big place in our family’s hearts. Thanks to her Claire had achieved so many goals and still continues to! Casey is not only amazing at what she does but she truly, genuinely loves her job. That’s why we love her so much !

Liesha, Claire's Mom

My baby began seeing Casey for Occupational Therapy at 4 weeks old after all else had failed to successfully breastfeed. We were ready to give up, but from the moment I first spoke with Casey it was obvious she was very passionate, and determined to help. Each visit she performed many strengthening and stretching techniques including craniosacral therapy and myofascial releases. Even though she was very knowledgeable on the subject, each visit she would be excited to share more information about studies or journals she read specific to the problems we were facing. We have now been successfully breastfeeding for over 6 months, and I never would have made it without Casey's compassion and determination. I could never thank her enough, and I wish more people knew about the different work she performs, and the success stories she owns.

Stephanie, Emersyn's Mom

Our 7-year-old son is on the autism spectrum with high anxiety at school as well as the inability to pay attention. Casey gave him and his teachers the tools possible for a successful learning environment and they have seen vast improvements in his behavior in class. She also worked on his picky eating habits and he is having fun trying new foods using healthy methods instead of the conventional methods of forcing our children to eat. Thank you, Casey! 

Annie, Hunter's Mom

Baby went from zero to rolling tummy to back and doing it multiples times in a ten minute time period!!! The only other time she rolled was back to tummy. I am super excited with this improvement in just a couple of days of being more specific with playtime as suggested by Derrick. 

Katie, Julianna's Mom

Amanda, Natalie's Mom 

Your office is so welcoming and the Speech Therpists are so nice. I'm glad Natalie got in quickly. I felt that I had exhasuted every option to help with her reading. I was worried about her getting behind, or falling through the cracks, I cannot thank Mini Mitten enough. 

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